Most people have different hobbies with some preferring to do adventurous activities rather than collecting things, crafting objects or playing sports. They would rather go hiking or trekking on mountain trails or go into sea and ocean to swim and dive to explore the underwater. This is because they like to see what most people will not be able to personally.

There are many places where these activities could be done but because of limited free time, you want to know which ones are the best and most recommended. Here are the top 5 diving spots Keys areas have, in no particular order, where you can dive together with other divers. There are many things to see there just like corals, plants, wildlife and even shipwrecks.

One of them is Islamorada which is known as the primary destination for sportfishing though diving near this group of islands is also fantastic. Brave divers would like the exploration challenge of the Dutch freighter called The Eagle that is one hundred ten feet underwater. This area is usually well lit and you may catch groups of grunts, silversides and nurse sharks.

Second is Key Largo where you could dive on shallow reefs as well as large shipwrecks like the five hundred ten foot Spiegel Grove and two cutters of US Coast Guards. Another area which is among the most popular ones for beginners is called Mollasses Reef. This is famous for the beautiful corals, colorful fishes and clear waters.

Marathon is the third one, considered as the Heart of Florida Keys, which is ten miles long and an island community oriented more towards families. This place also has seafaring traditions and a laid back lifestyle while offering cool sites of reefs and wrecks. A protected marine preserve called Sombrero Reef is great for all levels of snorkelers and divers.

Fourth is Big Pine Key and Lower Keys also known as Natural Keys that have a protected underwater ecosystem which is named after a frigate though it is not there anymore. This are provides the best living reef sites among them and an undersea oasis unrivaled by others is created by its corals. The place is wonderful for experienced divers.

Fifth one is Key West and is the southernmost city of the continental US that makes it the primary destination of snowbirds. The locals love the island lifestyle here that has majestic sunsets, rich history and laid back. Among the fantastic dive spots there is near an islet marked by a light tower.

This place is pretty known among the snorkelers for its calmer waters and abundant coral though the oceanside areas are enjoyable as well. A massive wreck is there which has become an artificial home for several species of marine animals and plants. A tug measuring seventy five feet is a rewarding and easy dive for both experienced and beginners.

No matter where you go, just remember to ensure you have someplace to stay in the towns and cities there. Contact in advance the companies offering diving services there. This lets you set a schedule because they might become fully booked.