Camping regularly keeps a heart healthy and a soul perky. Depression has become a focal problem of the people thriving in this accelerated world. The whole day of a working class man/woman gets absorbed in the office and there remains little time him/her. This makes introspection all the more intricate, which leads to the same monotonous, humdrum phase of life.

Camping makes the life vibrant and frisky again. Australia can render a stupendous place for reviving up your life again. Queensland in Australia is known as one of the largest frontiers of the continent.

You can hire cars in North Queensland and get going with your adventure. Cairns car hire 4WD can offer you a range of 3 types of 4WD vehicles:

  • Big 4WD –Toyota Land cruiser 200 series GXL wagon (4.7litre V8): it is the largest 4WD in the fleet of cars with them. It is the best vehicle for off-road adventures. It can make seat for up to 8 people and has proven as an excellent, reliable and amazing performer.    
  • Large 4WD – Toyota Land cruiser 100 series GXL wagon (4.5litre): when it comes to getting off road, this car is the real workhorse. It can make seat for up to 7 people with a reliable performance.
  • Medium 4WD – Mitsubishi Pajero 7 Seater GLS wagon (3.8litre): A great vehicle for smaller groups or family wanting to take magnificent trip to Cake York. It has proved itself worthy of going Daintree and Cooktown areas.

You are free to select the car that suits your need the best and call or e-mail for any queries.