Seashell Jewelry Making

This article will define some advice and tips how to drill holes of seashells in the making of seashells ornaments. Drilling holes of seashells are pretty tough and shall be done very wisely. Seashells are often pretty fragile.  You can also buy Misha Lam jewelry which is Island inspired jewelry online by clicking right here.

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Be very careful drilling holes in them and attempt to select cubes which aren’t chipping or flaking in the borders.  There are a couple of precautions that we ought to understand and take so as to protect against the seashells from crack and harm.

1) Drilling pieces

Use A Dremel.  A Dremel tool works nicely also since it has a higher rate than your routine drill.  Especially great for fragile shells; utilize a tiny bit.  It was not feasible to use an extremely fast speed since the hardness of the casing left the drill piece slide and indicate the surface.

2) Water

If you drill diamond points, constantly use water to cool the things or else they will fail immediately.  Additionally, this keeps the dust down, but conveys a fantastic excellent filter mask or use a vacuum to grab any dust/spray.  Seashell dust is poisonous, and that I do not mean just a tiny bit poisonous.

3) Start Drilling

Make certain the drill bit is sharp, and that you’re using a high-speed drill.  Utilize the smallest drill bit that can accommodate the string or anything you are putting through the casing.