When you are in a famous city like Bangkok, you will never get bored especially at night. If you are visiting Bangkok you should not miss out on night activities even if you are there for a very short time. Following are some fun things you can do at night without getting a hangover in the morning:

Courtesy: t-ec.bstatic

Sathorn Unique Condominium

This place is also known as "Ghost Tower" by the locals. According to an urban legend, its construction started in 1990 but had to be stopped when its architect, Rangan Torsuwan, was taken into police custody for conspiring a political murder. When its construction resumed, it was stopped again due to the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997. Since then, it is assumed that there are unruly spirits swirling. Tourists find exploring this building amusing and fun.

Dinner in Darkness

If you love adventure and trying out new things, you are sure to enjoy this experience. As the name suggests, you get to eat your dinner in pitch dark at night. You have to rely on your sense of touch, smell and taste to consume a four-course scrumptious meal. You can select from a menu of Western, Asian or vegetarian cuisine. For adventurous people, there is a surprise at the end of the menu. This restaurant gives a certain percentage to a foundation or nongovernment organizations for the blind.

Adventure Game in the Big Mango

If you like to play adventurous games then you should not miss out on this activity. You can play laser tag indoors but the good thing about this game is that you can customize it. You can choose your own team and level according to your liking.

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