If you are getting your degree in finance or accounting and are looking for a way to stand out of the crowd, you may want to also study to obtain your enrolled agent certification.  As an enrolled agent, you will be recognized by the IRS as an individual who is knowledgeable in both individual tax matters as well as corporate taxation.  The great thing about becoming an enrolled agent is the fact that all you need to do is pass a three-part exam and submit your registration to the IRS after you pass.  Not only that, but there are many enrolled agent prep courses, like the gleim ea review, which provide everything you need in order to pass the exam.  What many students do, is take the few months they have during the summer months to prepare for the enrolled agent exam, their junior or senior year in college and take the enrolled agent exam over the summer months.

Besides the gleim ea review course, there is also the fast forward academy ea review course, which is also very good.  The fast forward academy course, even allows you to pay for the coaching on a monthly installment plan, which is very helpful for students on a limited budget.  Both courses, offer students access to a large database of test questions, many of which come from previous exams, in addition to course books and online instructional material.  The fast forward academy course, even comes with a fun online game, that not only tests your knowledge of key concepts but is enjoyable to play and hardly seems like you are studying.  Once you get your enrolled agent certification and become a recognized enrolled agent, you can then list that on your resume, and stand out of the crowd of students who just have a finance or accounting degree.