Unable to connect to Nvidia error, try again later is a common issue faced by most gamers on internet. If you have Nvidia graphic card installed in your system, then after a windows update or replacing your system hardware, it is possible that you encounter this error in your system. Just follow methods below to fix this error in your system.

Unable To Connect To Nvidia

Update GeForce Experience Program

You need to update your GeForce Experience Program to the latest version to solve this issue in your operating system. Go to official website of Nvidia GeForce Program; download the latest version and install on your system to avoid any connecting issue with Nvidia server. This method should solve unable to connect to Nvidia error.

If you are still facing unable to connect to Nvidia error, update your graphic card driver to the latest version.

Upgrade NVIDIA Graphics Card Driver

Search the GeForce Experience Official Drivers website on Google search engine.  Visit the official website of Nvidia. There are three options on Nvidia drivers update website:

  • With automatic driver updates, your Nvidia graphic card drivers will be updated to the latest version. Click on download button, download and install the latest drivers to optimize your gaming experience and fix this Nvidia connecting issue.
  • With manual driver search option, you can search all Nvidia drivers according to your system requirement. Just select your system requirement in the given options and search your Nvidia graphic card drivers. Download the installation package and install manually via Device Manager in your system.
  • With Auto-Detect Your GPU option, Nvidia webserver will automatically detect your GPU and suggest you latest graphic card driver. Just download the driver and update your system to the latest version.

Just apply these methods to fix unable to connect to Nvidia error, try again later in your system.