If you want to know the reasons for back pain, then first you need to understand what is spine. The spine consists of 33 bones or ligaments. The cervical spine (upper neck or back) includes 7 vertebrae. The thoracic (center back) includes one or two, and also the lumbar spine (low back) includes 5 vertebrae.

The muscles are held together by muscles and ligaments together with disks between your vertebrae. The disks are full of a jelly-like center, letting them do something as a shock absorber.

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It’s hard to pinpoint the specific reason for back pain. The sources of back pain are broken up into categories: bodily, illness, Acquired disorders or ailments, migraines or tumors.

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Mechanical causes

All these suffer from the way the spine workout. As an instance, Spondylolisthesis (corrosion of this disk one slopes to slide forward over a second, causing the nerve to rub together hence causing pain.


 This category incorporates common kinds of back pain caused by trauma to the spine or the joints and ligaments connected with the spinal column. Sprains, as an instance, result whether a ligament which supports the spine is either pulled or ripped as a result of improper lifting or body mechanisms, actually twisting the incorrect manner, Fractures can happen from atherosclerosis that in turn causes the bones to become fragile and weakSevereer injuries could result in the injury or collapse.