Without a doubt, yellow or black nails do not look charming or appealing because it could mean that you have fungus growing on your nails. 

Before we start, it would benefit us to have a better understanding of what causes the darkening of one's toenails. The reason why it happens is because certain microorganisms destroy the keratin in the nails, and that happens in the nail turning yellow or black. To learn and read more about treating toenail fungus naturally, you can also visit https://supplementpolice.com/zetaclear/.

The official medical term for this condition is called onychomycosis, but for simplicity sake, we just call it toenail fungus. There are several ways to treating toenail fungus. One method is to see the doctor and he or she will prescribe some medicine and creams. I used to have the condition myself and I never really thought that the drugs which the doctors gave me were sufficient.

There are other methods to get rid of the condition, such as homoeopathic medicine. This is a type of medicine that does not cause any side effects because they have natural ingredients.I have not tried this myself but you may consider giving them a shot because they have natural ingredients.