Breakfast is one of my favorite meals and also the most important when it comes to fueling your body  for the day. If you are an early riser and hit the gym in the morning then you understand that eating something before or right after is very important  to sustaining that energy. The question always becomes what can I eat that will be both delicious and nutritious. Most people grab break bars or make smoothies. Others go all out and fix a 3 course meal that includes all the fixings. But unfortunately most of us don’t have time to make that delicious 3 course meal. However, you might look at incorporating blue berries into your diet. 

Blueberries repeatedly rank at the top of the list for having one of the highest antioxidant capacities in all fruits and vegetables. Blueberries assist in optimizing health, especially when consumed raw. Blueberry antioxidants hold many benefits. They help your nervous system, are beneficial to brain health, and can even improve memory. Some easy ways to incorporate these magnificent pieces of food include; blue berry, banana, chia seed and almond mild. Or you can try a spinach, avocado and blue berry salad. Or finally some delicious frozen blue berry yogurt.  Check out ApexMedicalAZ for more information.