There are a lot of fights that already happened in the middleweight class but the Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin is one of the biggest fights that is going to happen in the industry of boxing.  Canelo Alvarez’ promoter Oscar De La Hoya promoted their fight in by all means and he stands confidently that their upcoming fight is the most anticipated fight to happen and will be one of the biggest undoubtedly. On the same note, the Canelo vs GGG live streaming platform is ready to happen for every fan to benefit from it – watch the live fight in their convenience.

Gennady Golovkin will be defending his IBF, WBA, and IBO middleweight championship belts against Canelo Alvarez. Oscar De La Hoya is a legendary boxer which has been in the industry for quite some time stated that they are one of the toughest fighters and their fight will be more than entertaining. Both fighters are in a tunnel vision on their goal and that is to be the only boxer standing in the ring.

Oscar De La Hoya has been consistently promoting Canelo and Golovkin’s fight since he has high hopes that the fight will go far as to the profit is concerned and its viewing audience. During Oscar’s several press conferences and interviews, he showed confidence and conviction that there are no other matches that can be compared to the magnitude of the Canelo and Golovkin event. A fight worth putting on boxing’s record books. Canelo, on the other hand, stated that he will do all his best that Golovkin and his team will experience an upset once he dethrones Golovkin from his position. Others may see Canelo as the underdog of the fight but it does not startle him, it gave him more reason to work hard and master his craft and vowed to give their fans a fight that they are expecting.