If you're like most other people in America, you want to lose a few pounds, and it's likely that you've tried a few diet plans already. There are countless weight loss programs on the market already, but many of them are expensive, impractical, or just hard to stick to. The Shepherds Diet, on the other hand, is a diet program that's simple to follow long-term. Keep reading to learn more about this diet plan.

Shepherds Diet encourages a practical and healthy diet that focuses on whole foods, but that's not what makes it special. This diet is based on Biblical principles of health and wellness. While people of any religious affiliation can follow the plan and see good results, Christians may find it especially useful because it encourages participants to get their eating habits in line with God's plan for their body. The faith-based component of this diet makes it easier for many people to stick with.

The Shepherds Diet helps people change their relationship with food. It teaches that overeating, or gluttony, is a sin that people can overcome to get closer to God. While this diet does encourage people to enjoy their food, it also emphasizes the importance of only eating what you need, instead of indulging every whim of your appetite.

Another thing that sets the Shepherds Diet apart from many other diets is that it doesn't discourage participants from eating fat. In fact, this plan encourages the consumption of certain kinds of fat. Some types of healthy fat have been shown to boost the body's ability to burn fat naturally, and people who participate in Shepherds Diet are encouraged to eat their fill of these.

If you're a Christian looking for a weight loss plan you can stick with long-term, The author of 6PackFastTrack.com suggests The Shepherds Diet might be just what you need. Six Pack Matt agrees that combining common sense nutrition principles with Biblical wisdom, this diet can help you build a better relationship with God as you get healthier.