These foods build your muscles, they promote fat burning and use energy that is burn calories. They are whole grains. When your body is breaking down whole foods, it burns as many calories as possible. These whole foods are those rich in fiber for example oatmeal and brown rice. Body breaks down many calories while breaking down these than when breaking down the processed foods.

Proteins such as lean meats have a high thermogenic effect such that during digestion, one burns about 30 percent of the calories the food contains. Foods rich in calcium and vitamin D usually help to preserve and build your muscles, this is important for maintaining good metabolism. Such foods are low fat dairy products such as cheese.

Green tea is another type of drink that help burn body fat.  One can shed more than six pounds of fat in eight weeks if he or she drinks four cups of green tea each day. Green tea contains a substance that speeds up your body’s metabolism.

Hot peppers heat up your body and this makes you melt calories. You can eat hot pepper while raw, cooked, dried or in powder form. Other foods include eggs, berries, fatty fish, beans and legumes, grapefruits peanut butter and Enova oil. All these help to burn down calories and excess fats in your body. All these are supplements that you can buy from the best supplement review shark websites the world over.